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Food is an integral part of a masquerade party—any party really. If you are entertaining guests and want them to stick around, then you’ll need to make sure they’re well fed. Few things make people want to leave a party more than there not being enough/good food.

Here’s our guide to making sure you have a feast fit for royalty for your guests—one that won’t break the bank and will have everyone impressed.

Ensure that all of the food is bite-sized

You want to go for delicate canapés rather than a buffet. Remember, all of your guests will be wearing masks and evening dresses—the last thing you want is food that is difficult to eat or that could cause spills.

Prepare food that can be served at room temperature

Heating and cooling food may cause logistical issues, and you want to keep things as simple as possible. Also, if you serve hot food and your guests don’t eat it while it’s fresh out of the oven, they’re likely to be disappointed.

Balance out your menu

You want items that complement each other but that are different. A menu composed of four chicken dishes and four vanilla desserts will seem boring and bland rather than cohesive. Also, remember that many people have dietary restrictions. Try to serve at least one item that is vegan and one that is gluten-free.  This is easier than you think, and a surprisingly easy way to cut costs. Have a look at our sample menu below for inspiration.

Appearance is (almost) everything

If you are having your party catered and your canapés will be passed around by waiters, ensure that the waiters are all well groomed and in uniform (black shirt, black pants is a no-fail combo), and that the food is always arranged neatly on trays. If you are catering the party yourself, then a buffet is a simpler option as you won’t need to hire wait staff.

People eat with their eyes first

If your buffet table looks beautiful, your guests will want to eat what you have to offer. Some great ways to make your buffet table look delectable:

Prop a large bowl overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables in the center of the table

People will likely not eat this but it will give the appearance of abundance and richness.

Use candles

Candelabras are great, and so are lanterns. Avoid using votive for this as guests will be moving things on the table a lot, and one may tip over (you want a HOT party, just not that kind).

Fresh flowers in small arrangements look beautiful and also fill up the empty spaces between dishes

Make sure to use flowers that don’t have a strong scent, or any pollen. You don’t need to hira a florist—bodega flowers are great for this—just stick to one color palette and group like flowers together. You can use different containers as vases for an eclectic yet chic look that won’t cost a dime (scour your house for glass jars, old vases, and beautiful cups and glasses).

Use height and symmetry to your advantage

Create a symmetrical table with a large centerpiece. Dishes on either side of this table should match in shape, height, and placement. Try to create different heights for your serving platters. You can prop upside-down cups or vases underneath some plates to raise them. This creates visual interest and allows all dishes to be seen and easily accessed.

Keep it simple

This is not the occasion to experiment with new dishes. Make things you are familiar with (or have practiced making) and that you know are simple to make in large quantities.

    Sample Menu 

    • Savoury Canapés 

    • Smoked salmon blinis with crème fraiche and chives

    •  Roasted cherry tomato and basil bruschetta

    • (vegan)

    • Rock melon wrapped in Parma ham

    • (gluten-free, dairy-free)

    • Arugula and roast beef with a sesame-soy dressing

    • (gluten free, dairy free)

    • Sweet Canapés


    • Chocolate squares with cream and raspberries
    • Flan with caramel sauce
    • (gluten-free)
    • Chocolate fountain with a selection of fruits and sweets
    • (vegan-depending on chocolate used)
    • Cheese platter featuring an assortment of cheeses, crackers, fruit, and nuts.
    • (vegetarian)



    I’m planning a 50th Birthday Masquerade Ball for Sept. I enjoyed your article and the ideas suggested, I will incorporate some of them. I’m having a gold and black theme.

    Aug 15, 2017

    Michelle V. ORR:

    Thank you. I was able to plan my party in one hours. Tell you how it turned out

    Mar 18, 2017


    This is very helpful but the food sounds like it’s not for my taste palate or my friends so any thing else?

    Jan 16, 2017


    Thanks a bunch im only 13 and this is the first planning something bigger than a BBQ. : D

    Jun 26, 2016

    sneakerhead jay:

    this website did not help me lmao what is bite size food lol jk thanks for info

    Feb 02, 2015


    thank you it just that the food sound weird but I have one question does it taste good
    but I don’t know if I can make it in time for my masquerade party well wish me luck

    Nov 25, 2014


    Thank you, this seems very durable

    Sep 15, 2014


    thank you so much for this website without this I would still be a little lost I have now ideas for my buffet so thank you very much

    Jul 10, 2014

    Rhiannon :

    Thanx a bunch this really helped with my homework

    May 20, 2014


    Awesome info! Thanks so much! Great help!

    Apr 22, 2014

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