These days, it's rare to find authentic masquerade masks. Most masks are mass produced overseas using the cheapest materials possible.

At VIVO Masks, we take a different approach. We work with Italian artists who have been trained using the traditional techniques that have been used for hundreds of years. Each and every one of our masks is handmade in Italy using the highest quality materials. Our masks consistently win "best mask" awards at masquerade parties and we enjoy delighting our customers with our attention to detail. If you're lucky, you'll even get a mask signed by the original artist. 


Here's specifically what makes our masks different than the rest:

authentic masquerade mask


Authentic design

Designed, hand-crafted, and painted entirely by Venetian artists. Noticeable qualities including visible brushstrokes and slight imperfections ensure an unreplicated and authentic look. Many of our masks are signed by the Italian artist who made them.


Hard plaster construction

High quality plaster molds ensure a snug fit against your face. Durable and lightweight materials make the mask comfortable to wear all day and night without falling apart.


Satin Ribbons

Elegant satin ribbons secure the mask comfortably around your face. Ribbon colors will vary to match the mask.