Authentic. Handmade. Venetian.

You won't find any imitations in our collection. VIVO masks are hand crafted by real venetian artists. As soon as you get one, you'll immediately notice the quality in their design and decorative textures. Most masks ship with a certificate of authenticity.

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Modern design

Our masks are inspired by both traditional venetian and modern masquerade designs. Man or Woman, whether you're attending a formal masquerade ball, wedding, mardi gras, or dance festival, our selection guarantees you'll be able to fit in, or stand out.

Universal fitting

Wide or narrow, our mask designs are shaped to fit snug against your face. Attached to every mask are lightweight ribbons that easily allow you to align the mask so it sits balanced between your nose and eyes.

Superior comfort

You might not even notice you're wearing your mask at all. Our masks are made to last you through long events, hot and cold, day and night. With a papier-mache backside, you won't sweat, and your makeup won't run.

Unique, Quality Masks. Shipped Incredibly Fast

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Handmade in Italy

With express shipping options, you can be holding your mask in as soon as 1-2 days. We also have FREE continental USA shipping for orders over $50, which takes 5-7 business days.

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2-Day Shipping in the USA

VIVO masquerade masks are all individually handmade in Italy just weeks before they arrive at your door. As soon as you get your mask, you'll immediately notice the quality in its design and decorative textures. No two masks are ever identical, each with unique brushstrokes and tiny imperfections only found on masks of true venetian origin. Most masks ship with a certificate of authenticity.

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