VIVO Masks works with Italy's finest mask makers to produce beautiful authentic venetian masquerade masks, which we bring to America at wholesale prices. As a masquerade mask wholesaler, we work with retailers including costume shops, museums, and event planners throughout the US to offer discounts to those who are purchasing larger orders. If you're interested in wholesale masquerade masks and pricing, please feel free to get in touch for more details:

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As a wholesale masquerade mask customer, you get:

- a extremely fast shipping (as fast as 2 days) & reliable source for quality masquerade masks made in Italy, with no import duties or overseas shipping costs

- access to a portfolio of masks manufactured by a collection of Italy's finest artists among other high end party/costuming products 

- exclusive access to specific masks that are not carried by any other online retailer in the US

- more store traffic, as we often refer customers who look to purchase local masks to our brick & mortar retailers