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8 Most Expensive New Year’s Parties

Do you want to know the most expensive New Year’s parties? The guests stayed on board a 536-foot super-yacht Eclipse, a diamond jewelry giveaway after the revelry, and getting up close and personal with Justin Beiber are part of the perks and privileges of each most expensive New Year's parties in the world.

Of course, it is totally outrageous to celebrate New Year in a extravagant way; however there are party lovers out there who can splurge tons of cash for the merry-making. Here are eight of the best, most extravagant celebration of New Year’s Eve.


  • Roman Abramovich's Bash


Roman Abramovich, a Russian oligarch, hosted a $7.6.million worth party at his $90 million estate in 2010. The bash is totally fabulous with Red Hot Chili Peppers band members as entertainers for the night. Some guests stayed on board at his 536-foot super-yacht named Eclipse while the rest got the 377-foot yacht, Luna. For every ordinary person, being part of the guest list just like Jon Bon Jovi and Marc Jacobs is akin to enjoying paradise. There were plenty of caviar and sushi to go around with drinks like Cristal and Ruinart champagne.


  • Hakkasan Las Vegas Bottle Service  


What about attending a $500,000 New Year’s Eve party? This is the worth of the remarkable bash that Hakkasan Las Vegas Bottle Service organized in 2014. Dubbed as the "Most Expensive Bottle Service in the World," the Hakkasan hosted the costly party in style.

Each one in the guest list enjoyed the "Dynastie Package" boasted a staff of 40 people who was there to wait on you and your friends while enjoying the revelry. Aside from enjoying the delectable food and drinks with the most luxurious price tag during the party, guests received diamond jewelry, a gold disc signed by DJ Calvin Harris, and a custom made UFC belt.


  • Justin Bieber-approved Miami Party


Justin Beiber hosted a $500,000 worth of a Miami party in 2016. The five-day celebration was held at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Each guest spent $100,000 per night in exchange of a 9,850 square-foot, multi-floor Sorrento Penthouse, featuring five bedrooms, six-plus baths, a private pool, jacuzzi, formal dining room and a full kitchen.

Obviously, the party is well-known among the rich and famous. The guests have the option to stay in the private poolside cabana to enjoy enough drinks and food. Or maybe, they can enjoy private dinners at the lavish restaurants in the hotel, like Hakkasan, Scarpetta and StripSteak since this is part of the extravagant package. Some opted to ride in a Lamborghini, or in a Ferrari to enjoy an exciting $100,000 shopping spree.

Everyone got a front row seat on New Year's Eve while Justin Bieber provided a private New Year’s Eve concert. Later on, each guest boarded on a private yacht to be in another club, STORY, to enjoy the last part of the party.


  • New Year's Eve Twice in One Night


Have you heard about spending New Year’s Eve twice in different locations? Obviously, this is a genius way of celebrating the first day of the year for those who are incredibly wealthy.

For a total of $210,000 per person, a company named Private Fly has allowed guests to enjoy the party twice last year. This is one-of-a-kind experience because you start your New Year at 8:00 p.m. in Sydney, Australia, specifically at Sydney Opera House. After that, you and the crew board a private jet and fly back across the time zones to Los Angeles. Isn’t it an overly stylish way to join the merry-making?


  • Dr. Stephen Greenberg's Plastic Surgery Event


Dr. Stephen Greenberg, a famous plastic surgeon, announced the "Nation's Most Expensive New Year's Eve Package" in 2009. Each guest spent $100,000 to enjoy myriad events such as to enjoy concerts by Lady Gaga, John Legend, and Brody Jenner. It comes with a first class round trip tickets from New York to Miami, with a choice of penthouses at five-star hotels in South Beach for one month. The most exciting part of the package is that ladies were given breast augmentation with a 24-hour nurse, unlimited spa treatments, and a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce. This is so fantastic!


  • Cameo Nightclub, Miami 2013


So what about those who love music? Here’s another exciting and expensive New Year’s Eve celebration for music enthusiasts in 2013.

The VIP package is worth $100k and it was to enjoy a night at a recording studio with rap superstar Lil Wayne and four of your friends. There were 50 bottles of Rose Champagne, 10 bottles of GT Vodka, 10 bottles of Patron, and five bottles of Hennessy VS. Basically, the price did not include the $6,000 service fee. Apparently, this is to highlight the status of each guest of Cameo Nightclub at that time.


  • Gansevoort Turks & Caicos


There are couples or even two friends who want to have a memorable New Year’s Eve bash. For them to experience royal treatment, Gansevoort Turks & Caicos offered a $100,000 package for two persons in 2011. The opulent merriment included private jet service, an oceanfront penthouse suite, a personal chef, conch diving, VIP pool service, spa treatments, and cars for each guest. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this deal?


  • The Fountainbleu Hotel, Miami


For so many years, the Fountainbleu Hotel in Miami, FL area has hosted outstanding New Year’s Eve party for the rich and famous. In 2011, the atmosphere in the hotel was incredibly remarkable. Each guest spent $25,000 to enjoy a lavish bash poolside with four Magnums of Belvedere Vodka, four Magnums of Dom Perignon and DJ Tiesto was present to set the mood for the night. The successful event allowed merrymakers to enjoy drinks and dance music.


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