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The Complete playlist for your next Masquerade party

Nothing sets the mood and vibe of your party better than the music. Get that part wrong and all your preparations have been for naught. So what do you play at a masquerade ball? Well, if you’ve attended several of the kind over the last few years, you’ll notice that a lot of them have used DJs to play R&B, Hip Hop, and Techno. And they’re all totally good choices if you’re going for the modern masquerade. But to truly turn back time when masquerades were used to host nights of intrigue and fantasy with a bit of debauchery on the side, then those are not the tracks you’ll want playing to help you the perfect atmosphere. So what would be suitable? Well, we’ve got just what you need create a complete playlist.


The Masquerade Waltz by Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian is a must-add on your masquerade party playlist. Originally written to accompany a play, the Masquerade Suite written by Mikhail Lermontov. Once you hear this music, you can already imagine the highs and lows of emotion that one may encounter while at a masquerade ball. The heightened sensations evoked by the wildness of the music makes this the perfect opening number at your party.


Creepy with a hint of fantasy. Listening to this music by  Robert Austin is like being transported to a fantasy of old Venice where masks, whether or not you were at a masquerade, hid the intentions of those around you. It does not feature the “wildness” of emotions as Khachaturian’s work. Instead, it is more subtle in its creeping as it slowly builds its way into your mind and your heart.


This original music by Derek Fletcher is more upbeat than the first two we've chosen. It speaks more of mystery and romance, a chance meeting between two strangers who made an instant connection without knowing who they each are. Forbidden lovers, perhaps? Playing this song at your party can get the fun started.


If you're hosting your masquerade party on Halloween, this is the perfect background music. Can you just imagine aristocratic vampires waltzing around a ballroom to this music? The haunting music is telling you to tread carefully but also lures you to come closer. Just the kind of music you need to get your guests through the door.


Another dark waltz by Derek & Brandon Fietcher. This reminds us more of spooks, ghosts from old Venice dancing around a ballroom... a ballroom that you discovered while exploring an old mansion. Hauntingly beautiful music that will set the mood as you tell your guests to explore the rooms of your mansion at their leisure.


Peter Gundry's composition will give your guests goosebumps. It brings vampires dressed to the nines to mind, waltzing around while you watch from a balcony, not knowing that they're simply luring you closer and closer as they spin faster and faster. Until you find yourself in the middle of the ballroom and the music goes silent. Like we said, creepy. But extremely apt for a Halloween masquerade, don't you think?


If you want a bit of "Eyes Wide Shut" to color your party's atmosphere, then you might be interested in playing this little ditty from Dmitri Shostakovich. It's a very upbeat waltz though it does have that haunting quality that brings masquerade to mind.


First off, ignore the video. It detracts from how good the music is. But when you close your eyes and just listen? It speaks of danger, possibly intrigue, or of ghosts and ghouls. Can you imaging exploring a haunted mansion with this playing? You might not even get past the front door.


Let us not worry about tomorrow. For tonight, ve' dance. Who could resist the enchanting notes that seem to dance across your skin, slowly causing your body to sway to this music as you dance in the arms of the mysterious gentleman you just met?


Inspired by the loss of one of the 7 Fabergé eggs, this Russian waltz has a dramatic melody that reminds us of the Romanovs. It starts out hauntingly beautiful, reminiscent of those balls they used to hold, then it slowly turns to sounds of danger and the need to flee. It then slowly goes back to the haunting melody reminding us of what was lost. But if the music doesn’t evoke the same thoughts in your guests, don’t worry. They’re probably too busy getting lost in their own fantasies while this music plays.


Ok, so we did say that we're doing a playlist for old school masquerade parties. And we are, for the most part. In case your guests get tired of the seriousness of the affair and want a bit of modern music to dance to, then "Earned It" from the soundtrack of Fifty Shades of Grey is the perfect choice. Despite its modern sound and lyrics, the music still speaks to the mystery and drama surrounding any masquerade.


Ed Sheeran is no doubt a multitalented guy. And while the video of the music doesn't really incorporate any masks, you can use your imagination right? Besides, the music sets the right mood for slow dancing with your mystery partner for the night.


Meghan Trainor's song which features John Legend is a song about never taking someone you love for granted, loving them like you're going to lose them at any moment. Now, this is another song that doesn't really bring Venetian Masquerades to mind. But it will fit the mood of your masquerade party as it slowly starts to wind down and people start losing masks and showing faces.


And we end our playlist with another song from Fifty Shades of Grey. Not just because it has this really badass soundtrack but also because the songs really suit the mellowness that sneaks in once the party starts losing its steam without losing the romance and mystery that you've cultivated in the air.

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