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How to make your masquerade ball entertainment a standout? There’s an easy answer to this exciting question. All you have to do is maintain the mysterious nature of your event and make it unforgettable. It should be nothing short of magical.

These days, it seems that party-goers love to linger in a well-planned masquerade ball entertainment. There are more opportunities to interact with other guests and enjoy the true luxury of the gathering. Whether you’re a seasoned event organizer or an overly excited host of a masquerade event, these seven fabulous masquerade ball theme ideas will help you start planning today.


  • Choosing a Perfect Masquerade Event Theme


One of the basic factors to consider in organizing a masquerade ball is choosing the theme. So how do you pick a theme for the party? For a night of mystery and intrigue, everyone should adhere to the motif. To set this, just identify the objective of the gathering.For instance, the ideal theme is Celebrity Masquerade Party if the purpose is fund raising. If your reason is just to have a night of fun and excitement, you can opt for carnival-inspired masquerade revelry. Think about Mardi Gras!

Once it is already clear, don’t forget to inform your guests about the chosen theme. In order for your visitors to prepare suitable outfits and accessories, let them know about the motif and venue right away.


  • Masquerade Ball Music for the Guests


In a traditional setting, formal dancing has been an essential part of a masquerade ball. If you’re thinking of hosting a Cinderella Masquerade Party, this is the usual setup. However, exceptionally good live music, cover bands or disc jockeys are perfect to ensure the dance floor is full and the guests are well-entertained. In addition, you can prepare a complete playlist for your next masquerade party.


  • Activities for a Fabulous Masquerade Soirée


Aside from games, which we are going to talk about later, there are many exciting activities for a masquerade party. Instinct Music collated all interesting happenings for every event planner and each one is truly thrilling. Basically, guests can line up to talk to Tarot Card Readers and pose in Photo Booths. If prefer face painting, then make sure to set it up at the venue of the masquerade party.


  • Games for a Groovy Masquerade Ball


Party Joys have an array of game ideas for a themed merrymaking of incredibly fabulous masked guests. First, create a script for a funny skit and let a team read it. Then, another team has to act it out on the spot, minus any preparation. Obviously, the confusion and hurried dialogs bring about a lot of laughs. 

Second, prepare a game that can continue throughout the party. Place a lot of beads all over the home in many locations. Upon the arrival of the guests, ask them to find for these beads and collect them. This task will continue throughout the night. Before the end of the gathering, pass on a needle and a thread to each guest and tell them to gather at a common table. At the blow of the whistle, each one should create a necklace of the beads that they have found at the venue. At the end of the minute, the person who has threaded the most beads wins the game. For some people, there are other options to this masquerade treasure hunt game. It’s all up to you.

Third, you can still incorporate the truth or dare game if you’re hosting an intimate masquerade party. Maybe, you can add a twist to the game for a more elaborate activity.


  • Décor Ideas for Masquerade Parties


Is it a little bit challenging to put on a grandiose décor for your masquerade event? Don’t make it too complicated for you. After all, the primary focus of the party is costumes and masks. In that sense, you can opt for a minimalist décor.

For example, you can plan for a masquerade prom ball by incorporating simple and uncluttered decoration of the venue. Well, don’t forget adding mystery and intrigue! 


  • Masquerade Party Invitation Ideas


For a well-prepared and sassy-looking invitation card, make sure to brainstorm with your team before creating it. Try to find inspiration in design websites and make it your guide in finalizing the invitation sample. Don’t hesitate to ask for final and additional suggestions from your supplier. In that way, you can create a really dramatic and incredible invitation cards for the masquerade soirée.


  • Food and Drinks for a Masquerade Event


Essentially, the food and drinks to be served during the party shouldn’t be mystery to the guests. The main course should be easily available and free of surprises. In other words, make it truly enticing, delectable and well-concocted by the chef and the whole team. Lastly, you can find sample menu at interesting websites about masquerade parties for better options.

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