All our masks are handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping. All our masks are 100% handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping.
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9 Masquerade Mask Hairstyles and Hair Accessories

Getting ready for a masquerade party can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. The mask you’ll be wearing is an additional element to consider when choosing your dress and accessories, and even your hair. Here we’ve paired some of our favorite masks with stylish on-trend hairstyles and accessories, perfect for different hair lengths...


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Where to buy 'Step Up Revolution' masquerade masks

More than the love story between Sean and Emily, we’re totally mesmerized by the wicked dance moves in Step Up Revolution. With perfectly in-sync choreographed moves and an eclectic mix of dance styles, it’s the one movie that always makes us want to get up and dance. Here we’ve picked six masquerade masks inspired by the infamous scene where Emily is initiated into The Mob...

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Where to buy 'Eyes Wide Shut' masquerade masks

If you’re a fan of the Stanley Kubrick cult classic Eyes Wide Shut, and wish that an unexpected turn of events might lead you to the ritualistic party of a masked secret society, then this collection of masks is perfect for you. We’ve taken some of the more memorable scenes from the movie, and found masks from our collection that would fit right in...

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