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More than the love story between Sean and Emily, we’re totally mesmerized by the wicked dance moves in Step Up Revolution. With perfectly in-sync choreographed moves and an eclectic mix of dance styles, it’s the one movie that always makes us want to get up and dance. Here we’ve picked six masquerade masks inspired by the infamous scene where Emily is initiated into The Mob.


  • For the Prima Ballerina

If you fancy yourself a bit of a leading lady like Emily, and want all on eyes on you without revealing too much, then these masquerade masks are the perfect accessory. They’re all made of intricate laser-cut metal and feature unique details like rhinestones. While white is a color normally associated with all things good and pure, here we see it take a bit of a twist with edgier motifs.

L-R: Occhialino White, Pipistrello White, Teschio White


  • For the Leading Man

If, like Sean, you want to keep things simple yet stylish, then a black mask is your best option. Because Sean is an eternal bad boy, we’ve picked three pieces that play off of the idea of a classic black masquerade mask. With everything from a futuristic silhouette to bronze accents and shiny patent leather, you’ll be sure to leave an impression.

L-R: Mado Leather Black, Colombina Barocco Sole Bronze, Fellini Leather B



I’m looking for masks for girls masquerade party. Please let me know if you have with feathers. Thanks.

Dec 19, 2015

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