Magnificent Sole Lux Masquerade Mask

Magnificent Sole Lux


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Featuring a large sunburst headpiece, this resplendent golden sun mask radiates light and warmth. Boasting crystals and beads and a regal crown, this shimmery mask will give you the opportunity to shine bright like the sun.

Handmade in Italy and developed to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation. All  proceeds from the sale of this mask will be donated to support this cause.

  • One of a kind, custom fitted using traditional 16th century moulding techniques
  • Hand painted and signed by 3 world renowned venetian artists
  • 200g 24 carat gold crown
  • 100g Platinum sun pieces adorned with: 250g 18 carat Gold finishing
  • Featuring 5 x 1 carat fair trade conflict free canadian diamonds
  • 2 x 4 carat round cut diamond
  • Mulberry Silk
  • Vicuna Wool from the Andes


Handmade in Italy

Each and every one of our masks is handmade in Italy