Following the success of the recent Great Gatsby film, it makes sense everyone is obsessed with 1920’s glamour and festivities, with every occasion turning into an opportunity to celebrate all things Gatsby-style. So if you’re thinking of hosting your very own Gatsby party, grab a glass of champagne and read on for tips on how to throw an incredible party where you can celebrate with your friends, regardless of the occasion. After all, a little party never did kill anyone.


STEP 1: Pick a time and location

A great Gatsby party should always be held in the evening, and should go on until late (or early, depending on how you look at it). We like an eight o’clock start time, with guests arriving fashionably late, of course.

When choosing a venue for your party, consider your budget, guest list, and weather. We like venues with both indoor and outdoor space, which allow room and opportunity for different kinds of activities and entertainment, and also create a nice flow for guests between spaces, without feeling boxed in. 

If you have a short guest list, you could host the party at home, but for anything more than fifty people, we recommend renting out a venue that allows you more space (and also not having to clean up afterwards).


STEP 2: Send out invitations

Send your invites out six to eight weeks before your party—the earlier the better. Because a Great Gatsby party will require costumes or themed outfits, you want to make sure you give your guests ample time to RSVP and find something fabulous to wear to your fete.

We love invites with an art deco look and feel, so choose cards with geometric lines, patterns, arches, or gold accents. If you’re sending out digital invites, choose something playful that your guests will love seeing in their inbox.


STEP 3: Focus on décor

The easy way to tell you how to decorate your Great Gatsby themed party is to tell you to watch the movie and copy exactly what Mr. Gatsby does for his big party. But the reality is that life outside of a Hollywood film usually involves nuisances like tight budgets, short timelines, and odd spaces to work with.

Because of this, here are the five main elements that’ll turn your space from drab to dazzling, and give your room a cohesive Gatsby-esque look:

  • Metallic gold fabric swathed across the ceiling
  • Gold chandeliers and candelabras
  • Large feather accents (as centerpieces, on the backs of chairs, in floral arrangements)
  • Floral arrangements, preferably in a unified hue (we like white, peach, or pink)
  • Strings of pearls and crystal (glass) hung from the ceiling, off railings, from trees, on the backs of chairs (anywhere, really)

Pro Tip: if you’re uncertain of what elements are the most important to decorate in your space, do a walk through of the venue with a friend and note down the first things you notice or that catch your eye. Those areas are the ones that your guests will also notice, and that your should focus on decorating.


STEP 4: Find the perfect entertainment

The most important thing to have at your Great Gatsby themed party is good music that people can move to. Whether that means plugging in your iPod and playing your favorite Gatsby-themed playlist (think lots of jazz interspersed with classical pieces, the Great Gatsby movie soundtrack, and dance-y remixes of 1920’s tunes), or hiring a great band, just make sure your guests can shake their thing on the dance floor. 

If you’re hosting a large party, look into hiring interesting entertainers like fire breathers, acrobats, aerial gymnasts, and contortionists to add an extra element of surprise and fun to your party.


STEP 5: Plan your menu

There are only two rules when it comes to what you serve at a Great Gatsby party:

  1. You must serve champagne
  2. You must not run out of champagne

For food, serve canapés and little bites—you don’t want to interrupt the fun and dancing by having guests stop for food. Little bites they can nibble on between dancing, conversing, and sipping on champagne are just perfect.


STEP 6: Get ready to party! Fun and flirty 1920’s-style glamour

Delicately beaded with soft silhouettes and elegant drop-waists, 1920’s fashion sure was stylish. We love the idea of taking your theme one step further by adding an extra element of surprise to the festivities: making it a masquerade party! Whether you choose to do this or not, we’ve rounded up two of our favorite Daisy Buchanan outfit and accessory pairings for a truly dazzling entrance.

Left: Tillie Fascinator, Colombina Springtime 2 Pink Lilac
Right: Colombina Can Can Silver Pink, Grace Fascinator

Left: Peacock Fascinator, Ovale Stick B
Right: Colombina Regal Blue Satin 2, Blue Claire Fascinator

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