La Dogaressa B Masquerade Mask

La Dogaressa B


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Crafted in sultry red and gold, this decadent mask's most alluring feature is its extended fan-shaped headpiece. Composed of applique, hand-bent metal, and crystals, this mask will lend its wearer an air of regal seductiveness that won't be easily forgotten by those who behold it.

  • Handmade in Italy and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.5 inches (approx)
  • Comes attached with ribbons to secure it comfortably around your face

This mask is made to order. As a result, it will take roughly 10-15 additional days to ship to you. Please ensure you order this mask well before its intended use.


Handmade in Italy

Each and every one of our masks is handmade in Italy