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Getting married is an important milestone. If you’re currently in the midst of planning your wedding, then our guess is you’re probably spending late nights on Pinterest looking up cakes and flowers and invitation cards.  You’re likely also looking for a way to host an interesting wedding that’ll keep your guests entertained and that they’ll never forget. So why not thrown a masquerade wedding? Your entire event doesn’t have to be masquerade-themed, but rather just have a few elegant touches here and there—like the addition of masquerade masks to your wedding outfits or those of your wedding party. Here are some of our favorite styles. 

Cute & Quirky 

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If your style is a little offbeat and quirky, then you’ve got a lot of options! You can keep your look sweet and romantic with a little unexpected touch like a cat masquerade mask, or you can be totally unconventional and don colorful outfits with contrasting patterns along with textured handmade masks. Another option—if you’re feeling a bit more glamorous—is to dress formally and to pair your outfits with crazy, creative masks that are sure to help you make a dramatic entrance.

Sexy and Glamorous

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If you’re more inclined towards emulating a diva, then a sexy and glamorous outfit option is right for you. Form-fitting and embellished—we’re talking  crystals, sequins, feathers, the works—a slinky gown with a flirtatious mask is what you’re looking for. We like masks that are sexy but still playful; ones that have lace covering the eyes, daring plumes, and even futuristic ones made out of laser-cut metal.

Elegant and Romantic

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If you tend to prefer clean lines and soft, billowy fabrics then an elegant and romantic masquerade wedding outfit is ideal for you.  We like flowy dresses with ruffles, empire waists, and ruched fabric. For men, we like simple, tailored tuxedos in classic black. Soft masks in white or metallic shades and simple embellishments pair well with this look.

Bright & Bold

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Do you have a bubbly personality and enjoy all things colorful? Well, then this is the perfect masquerade wedding look for you. We like simple white dresses and classic tailored suits paired with bright, bold, and totally unexpected masks. Think bold, poppy colors, and strong shapes as well as feather and floral embellishments. This is most definitely not a look for the shy, and is sure to add sparkle and fun to your wedding celebrations.

Vintage Chic

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Do you like all things retro and chic? So do we! And what we love even more is a good vintage masquerade wedding. For outfits we love lacy floor-length dresses and good tailored suits in shades of brown, cream, and grey. For this look, we like masquerade masks with lace, intricate beading, and simply-styled feathers. Our favorite colors for this look are gold and copper, as well as cream and ivory. Timeless and fun, this is a great look if you’re looking for something unique and nostalgic.

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