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When you host a masquerade ball, you are likely going to be serving food, or at the very least beverages, to your guests. Creating beautiful tablescapes for an event is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to decorate a room.

A tablescape is basically a fancy name for a creative arrangement of items on, well, a table. This can be composed of pretty much anything: flowers, food, found objects, decorative pieces—and here is where you’ll find tips on making the most of the tables at your next party.

Use Interesting Fabrics

If you’re catering for a large group of people, it’s likely that you’ve rented tables that are pretty generic. Cover these up with interesting fabrics in different colors and textures to match your theme. Layer a jewel-toned velvet piece over clean white linen for contrast in color and texture, and for an ultra-luxe effect. 

Play With Height

Use objects that are of varying height, or create different heights in your tablescape by placing things on stands or risers. If you place everything at the same height, your tablescape will look very one-dimensional and boring. Placing things at different heights creates visual interest. This works well for a buffet table, whereas for a dining table, you want to ensure that the only items at different heights are the centerpieces.

Light It Up

Use candles in hurricane glasses, tea lights, candelabras, and even fairy lights to create a little bit of mood lighting on your tables. A general rule for creating ambience at your event is to have different lighting options coming from varying sources. You want something that has a soft, warm glow. Avoid halogens or lights that are white or too bright. Rather, opt for yellow or other golden-hued lighting options.

Use Flowers

When done properly, flowers can really transform a room. Work with a florist to find the best flower arrangements to suit your theme. If you are on a budget, consider using foliage and fruits rather than blooms. For your buffet table, avoid using too many flowers as these may detract from the food available.

Make It Look Rich

You can make something look expensive even if you’re on a budget. All of the elements listed above will help, but you have to ensure that food that is displayed is laid out carefully. If you do not have pass-around service, but rather people helping themselves to food, then:

  • If you are only serving canapés, or individual pieces, that you also have some larger pieces on display, for example: a whole cake or two as well as tiny individual tarts.
  • At the dessert table, pile fruit into large, ornate bowls to create a feeling of opulence
  • For something like a Halloween ball, fill large bowls and jars with candy to match your color theme and place them amongst the desserts. This is an inexpensive way to fill up space and create visual interest.


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