All our masks are handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping. All our masks are 100% handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping.
  • Artist: Jeff Gogue

This colorful tattoo is evocative of the richness of color and use of embellishments in Venetian masquerade masks. It features heavy detail including jewels, feathers, and fabric. The color palette is primarily red, orange, and yellow, giving it a distinct Autumnal feel.


  • Artist: Moni Marino

This richly detailed tattoo features two expressive Venetian masks in shades of blue that are embellished with gold shimmer and hand-painted swirls. Two large roses add drama and a hint of romanticism.


  • Artist: Mullner Csaba

Heavily detailed and featuring a bold red hue, this stunning tattoo not only features a Venetian mask, but it also depicts the person wearing it and a Venetian landscape of historic buildings and canals.


  • Artist: Nate Beavers

This stunning pigmented tattoo depicts a red-headed woman wearing an ornate gold Venetian Colombina mask. Watch cogs are an added feature, alluding to the timeless glamour and intrigue of a masked stranger.


  • Artist: Psyko Studios Tattoos

This beautiful depiction of a visage in profile features a heavily embellished Venetian masquerade mask with crystals, peacock feathers, and roses.


  • Artist: Unknown

This striking tattoo of a Venetian mask is drawn primarily in black and white and features cherry-red lips and red mask. Swirl, feather and jewel details make this a visually stunning piece.  


  • Artist: Amanda Ruby

This detailed black and white tattoo depicts an opulent Venetian mask that is heavily embellished around the eyes. Exotic feathers make up the headpiece and create a lovely frame for a sumptuous image.


  • Artist: Unknown

This dark and daring tattoo features a full Venetian mask with traditional motifs of the Venice carnival such as sheet music. Flowers and leaves in shades of deep purple, ochre, and green add mystery and depth.  


  • Source:

These matching tattoos in black and white depict the traditional Venetian theater motifs of Tragedy and Comedy. Beautifully expressive, these two masks are surrounded by flowers and feathers.  


  • Artist: Inkhouse Tattoo

This romantic black and white mask tattoo features bright pops of color in the form of blood-red roses. Delicate lace and swirl details accentuate this lovely depiction of a Venetian Colombina mask.



7th one is Amanda Ruby. And it’s on my arm

Feb 09, 2015


The two masks tattoed by Moni Marino are made by Regalmoda.
If you want see more Venetian Masks visit or ;)

Nov 27, 2013


the black and grey tattoo you’ve put as unknown is by Amanda Ruby from kent, check out her website to clarify.

Nov 02, 2013

Tony :

The one in red is also by the great Jeff Gogue

Oct 24, 2013

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