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How to Throw an Elegant Masquerade Ball

 Throwing a Masquerade ball can be tricky given the risks involved. But if you follow this guide, this tricky business will become a piece of cake for you. And that is what precisely this article is intended to do. You can also visit all sorts of masquerade party guides here. Also, if you are throwing a masquerade party or want to throw in the near future, let us help you with that. 

We understand that if you're reading this, you've either:

A: Been tasked with throwing a masquerade ball of some sort and you’re looking for ideas on how to do it.

B: Are trying to figure out what kind of party to throw and this magically popped up in your Google search.  

C: Been randomly sent to this website by us, because we reaaallly think you should consider throwing a masquerade ball.

Either way, read on because by the end of this article you’ll be throwing the Chicest Masquerade Party Ever. 

We will love to help you with the party supplies, especially with the masks on a discount. And before you decide the mask, go through this lookbook to see how it looks. 

Following is the step by step guide to help you throw an elegant masquerade ball.



 A general rule of thumb about the theme is ‘Keep It Simple’. By keeping it simple we mean taking it easy and staying relaxed. It is important to understand that the masquerade ball demands a lot of attention and you have to be mentally prepared for that.

When you have to deal with picking a theme, it can be daunting. So, you spend hours online Google-ing and Pinterest-ing and Facebook-ing, and by then you’ve got about a hundred ideas in mind, and you want to do all of them

If you are facing the same situation then trust me you are not alone. So, why not throw a masquerade ball where it’s Tudor-themed yet contemporary with a focus on paying homage to ‘90s grunge and the irony of social media in the 21st century? And everyone can wear red! And there will be a thousand flying swans!

Sound familiar? 

Hold your horses. Take a deep breath. Close that Pinterest page you have opened in the other tab.

Where are we going with this?

Well, read on, and you’ll know.

The secret is: Pick one theme. Just one. No, not two. Fusing two ideas can sometimes work, but if this is your first big event, don’t risk it. Besides, elegance is simplicity. And you want elegant, not crazy/confused/tacky. And who says it has to involve Venice? Just because it’s a masquerade ball doesn’t mean it can’t be different or contemporary.

Here are some ideas for elegant masquerade ball themes:

  • A colour theme:

The colour theme always proves to be a great idea because all of the dresses will create a huge visual impact.  And meanwhile people are restricted in what colours they can wear, they can have total freedom with their masks. And when it comes to the variety of masks, the following ideas will surely help:

o   black and white

o   all white or all black

o   jewels: (sapphires (blue), rubies (red), emeralds (green)

o   flag colors (America would be red, white, and blue, for example—great for a 4th of July party)


  • Old Hollywood Glamour:

Doesn’t matter you are a Casanova or not, ladies will go gaga for you — and why won’t they? Who doesn’t love slim-cut dresses, drop-waist skirts, and beautiful hair? And when you add to it the curiosity which comes with the mask, things become a lot more interesting.  
Decorating the venue in Hollywood glamour theme shouldn’t be a big problem. You can either go for a decor similar to that of your favourite movie, or an overall Hollywood décor where the guests wear costumes of famous characters of movies. And as for music, you can pick your favourite Hollywood movies tones and instrumentals to play in the background.

  • Mardi Gras:

Although three colours are primarily associated with Mardi Gras, i.e. purple, green and Gold, yet it does not mean that you are bound and cannot be creative. Mardi Gras theme is Perfect for a more relaxed but still exquisite event. This theme will give your masquerade ball a mesmerizing look. 

The décor, masks, and music for Mardi Gras should be carefully chosen because they have to be in line with the theme. Mardi Gras décor involves colourful props, swirls, and cascades. Large and vibrant comedy and tragedy mask cut-outs may also be used to complement the theme. Mardi Gras music and songs are easily available on the internet. Make the best use of them. 

  • Renaissance/Medieval Theme:

The renaissance theme provides the venue with that classic feel. This theme allows you to turn back the clock and bring the old souls together. To make this theme work for you, the costumes can be embroidered velvet gowns, peasant wear or the gypsy dress. In accordance with the theme, the guests can also try dressing up like those noblemen, crusaders, court jesters, musketeers, and knights of the medieval era. 

The renaissance atmosphere can be created with a décor using tapestries, fake swords, statues, and other relevant decorations. You can add to theme with the selection of medieval era music like using orchestras or asking your DJ to play medieval covers. They work perfectly as background music and for dancing as well.

  • A Victorian Theme

The Victorian theme holds a lot of importance regarding the masquerade ball because it was actually invented in the medieval era. This theme is perfect for Shakespeare lovers and the Victorian era’s romance enthusiasts. The costume for this theme should be elegant and delicate because that is what the Victorian era was all about. 

Graceful ball gowns, walking canes, loads of jewellery, hand masks will be the best pick for costumes. As far as the décor is concerned, colours like ivory, soft rose, rich burgundies and red may be considered vital to the décor. Decorate the venue with lilies, roses, pansies, violets as centerpieces and candle holders on the table. You can make the event star-studded by blossom tree and lighting the table centers. 

One of the highlights of Victorian era was its music. And to take advantage of that, you can employ a string quartet/rummage via some classical music vinyl. These work great for setting the mood of the party and as background music.

  • A Winter Dreamland

The winter-oriented theme is stunning yet a very unique theme for the masquerade ball. This theme provides you with a mix of fantasy and modernism. It is a sure shot to run a full-of-pleasure chill down the spine of all the guests. 

Costumes for this theme can include pearl jewellery, diamond droplets of white and blue shades coupled with gowns and white shirts. The famous movie Frozen can also help you with costume ideas. And do not forget to wear masks like that of an ice king and queen!

And for the décor for this theme, winteresque colour scheme will work best mated with a mound of fake snow across the venue. The tables may be embellished with glittery silver runners and candelabras. String curtains can be used to enhance the look.




Choosing venues is crucial and is mainly dependent on two things: One, your budget and two, the weather. One is in your control, and one isn’t. So how to deal with them both? Here is the answer. .


Everything is on the internet these days, isn’t it? Therefore, the best strategy would be to make sure that your outdoor masquerade party doesn’t have to deal with an uninvited guest. Yup, rain can ruin it all. 

However, it is too cold or too hot for an outdoor party, indoors is the option you should go for. But if the temperature is in a decent range and you have good news from the internet, then outdoors is the best option. What is a masquerade ball without games anyway?


To be honest, your budget decides the limits of your party.  If you are not worried about breaking the bank for the party, that means you have a handsome budget at your disposal. Ideally, you can arrange a masquerade ball at the venue of your choosing. However, whichever place you decide, it should be per the comfort of your guests.

And if you are on a tight budget, then there are many alternatives. Sometimes large B&Bs or Inns will let you rent out the entire house for a small fee, and many are quite beautiful and with lots of character. Or you could host it at your home or garden, or someone else’s home. Before arriving at any decision, cast a glance at the following list.

Things to look for in a space:

  • The capacity (to accommodate the list of your guests)
  • High ceilings (for Theme and Décor)
  • A staircase (optional, great for dramatic effect and games)
  • Both indoor and outdoor area (according to the weather)
  • Easy access (it is all about guests after all)
  • Someone from the venue who will help you coordinate the other elements, i.e. catering, entertainment, décor. That is particularly helpful on the day of the event. As you’ll be busy on the day, it’s always good to have someone who can give directions, sort out last-minute logistics issues, and show your suppliers where to set up. 




Since we are talking about an elegant masquerade ball, décor is going to decide it is or not. There are hundreds of décor ideas bute elegant décor ideas are only a few. So put away any tinsel, balloons, or streamers, because that will not be happening. Nope. Really.

There are three things you want to use to transform your space: fabric (and lots of it), flowers (fresh), and lighting (to set the mood). Let us explain.

  • Fabric

If you’re hiring a venue, look around. What do the walls look like? Are they a relatively inoffensive colour, or tastefully decorated with art? If the answer is yes, great! You've just saved yourself some time and money.

If the walls are, however, unattractive, then you want to drape them with fabric, floor to ceiling. We don’t recommend you do this yourself unless you’re particularly handy, but there are companies out there that do this relatively inexpensively. Ask the venue if they know of someone. They likely will if they’ve ever hosted a wedding.

  • Flowers

When nothing seems to work, flowers come handy. Using fresh cut flowers is the easiest way to decorate a space. And the best part is that they do not ask for a shitload of money.  It is suggested to work with a florist to create custom arrangements in accordance with the theme. Go for elegant flowers in vibrant hues and simple compositions, and you are good to go.

  • Lighting

Lighting can really set the mood for an event. To ensure the elegance, go for soft, yellow lights rather than harsh white lights. If it is safe, use candles (always in candle-holders, and place them where they can’t be knocked over). If that’s out of the question, lots of stores now battery-operated stock candles which can look very realistic, and create a subtle glow.

Golden fairy lights can also look beautiful hidden in topiaries and flower arrangements. For main lights, speak to your venue organizers and find out what kind of lights they have available and the best use out of them.

If you are still confused about décor, here are some of the best masquerade ball décor ideas to choose from. 




The choice of food at a masquerade ball demands a lot of attention. Masks are not always the most natural things to eat in, and very few people know how to look good while trying to do so, you want to make sure you serve bite-sized canapés. Go for quality over quantity, and select 3-4 savoury options and 2-3 sweet options. 

Ensure that the food fits your theme (for example, if your theme is Mardi Gras, then you want typical New Orleans fare—in mini form). Always make sure that you have at least one vegan/vegetarian option and one gluten-free item, so that masquerade ball doesn’t turn into a diet party for some of the guests.

What’s also an excellent idea is to have a couple of live food stations as well as canapés. That could be little sweet and savoury crepes or a station that serves tiny bowls of upscale fries infused with truffle, parmesan, Parma Ham Crostini, Blini, Truffles or caviar. Again, make sure it suits the theme, and remember: people get cranky when they get hungry, so feed everyone and feed well!

You cannot keep drinks out of the equation, can you? Follow the same strategy for the drinks, i.e. they should complement the theme. Some of the most in-demand drinks at balls include champagne, red & white wine and a signature cocktail. Don’t forget to ensure the availability of straws. You got the point, right? 

Want some specific ideas? Check out some of our carefully chosen masquerade party food ideas.




The excitement and entertainment of the ball reach its peak at midnight when all the guests remove their masks and reveal their identities. But, since this doesn’t happen until midnight, you might want to keep your guests entertained in other ways, and there are a couple of ways you can do that.

  •   Music & Dancing

A live band is always the best option for musical entertainment. If you are going with a formal theme, you may want a string quartet or a harpist. If you’re going with Mardi Gras, you’ll want something a bit jazzier. Think of your theme, and find someone who can play music to represent that theme. The crux is that take help from any music, be it classical, R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Techno, Pop or anything else; you have to employ it to keep people entertained.

If a band is out of the question, then a reputable DJ who understands the mood you are trying to create is a good option.  Such a DJ knows how to make people dance, and he does just that. 

Hence, the selection of the right kind of music is a prerequisite to a successful masquerade ball. Do not forget to go through this complete playlist for your next masquerade party to make it a huge success.

  •   Games

Games can also be a way to entertain your guests. There are plenty of games you can arrange for the masquerade ball. From individual games such as setting up a card table for a little game of poker and volunteer hunt to be auctioned off for a dance at midnight to collective games such as scavenger hunt and murder mystery, masquerade ball can accommodate all of them.

Games will keep all the guests busy and entertained. Make sure the arrangements for the games are perfect to avoid mishaps. Here is the list of all the Entertaining Masquerade Party Games to help you reach your goal. 



The way you choose to send the invitation is as important as the theme of the ball. If this is a huge event, and you’re more than a month out from the event date, sending a ‘Save The Date’ will make your guests start waiting for it desperately.

That serves two purposes: one, it tells your guests to pencil in your party on that day and two, it serves as a teaser for the party. Your card should give them a hint at what’s in store for them and people will be giddy with excitement and curiosity. Inciting such passionate feelings would mean the party is on its way to success. 

For something like this, we believe in paper invites. You want something that looks good but also feels pleasant to the touch. Heavy, textured cardstock is perfect for this. Now, if you really can’t do paper invites, then e-mail is ok. Just make the invite look as lovely as you would’ve if it had been paper. No plain text in an e-mail; nothing about that is special.


Make sure to give as much information as possible in your invite. For example, date, time, venue (and a location map if the venue is obscure). You also want to include the theme, dress code, entertainment, and whether there will be refreshments — the more information you give people, the better. 

That is the ultimate purpose of the party. Among all the people, it is you who deserves to be the happiest person at the party. There are going be late arrivals, logistics issues, catering problems, but do not let these petty things ruin the long-awaited day for you. 

Let this party become the most memorable one for you and your guests. Host the party the way you love. Stay candid, wear a smile, greet your guests the best way and have the best night of your life (of course until next time).

And for more masquerade party planning resources, check out our complete list of masquerade party planning guides >



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