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It's always interesting to watch new trends unfold. In 2010 there was an explosion in sales for Ray Ban sunglasses, 2011 for feather hair extensions, and so far 2012 has shown a tremendous increase in the popularity of masquerade masks. What's more interesting is that masquerade masks for men has shown a particular increase in search volume.

Masquerade Masks for Men

There are several factors which can contribute to a new trend. The popularity of masquerade masks can probably be attributed to the rise of electronic music festivals where people want the experience of dressing up without having to use an entire costume. There is also a simple sexiness to a masquerade mask.

There have been a ton of mentions of masquerade masks for men in the media/television recently.

Men's Masquerade Masks Gossip Girl
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Valerie Dixon:

Beautiful mask! i have been looking at mask for two years. I seam to always go back to this one.

Aug 24, 2013

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