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If you think Halloween parties are just for kids, think again. This spooky holiday is a great time for adults to unwind and have a lot of fun. To keep things elegant, we’ve gathered some of our favorite haunting and beautiful Halloween party décor tips and ideas, so you can party in style.

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  • Scale: Think Big with Oversized Objects

- Placing oversize full-length mirrors with odd frames/cracks around the space.

- Using large chandeliers or light fixtures and hang them lower than you normally would.

- Creating an installation of full-size coffins with skeletons in them. Most people are afraid of placing large objects in a small space.

But, for a holiday like Halloween that’s all about drama, large objects can have much more of an impact as they add visual interest and make a space feel more enclosed and rich.


  • It’s All About Layers, Layers, Layers

Layering different objects of various heights, colors (within your theme), shapes, and textures creates a sense of decadence in a space.


- Layering rugs in different colors and textures over each other on the ground.

- Creating a tableau of various objects such as old photos, skulls, pumpkins, dead flowers, and other interesting items on a table.

- Setting up your table or buffet over different levels and a mixture of silver, porcelain, and glass.


  • Use Texture To Create Interesting Vignettes

Having things of varying textures in a space creates not only visual, but also tactile interest.


- Choosing fabrics like velvet, silk, and linen and drape them across tables and furniture.

- Placing plush rugs and cushions where people will be sitting.

- Mixing objects made of metal and glass with softer objects like feathers.

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  • Color: Think Outside The Box

Halloween doesn’t have to be orange and black year after year. Break away from the norm with a color palette that’s unexpected.


- An all-white or white and gold theme (elegant and eery).

- An all-black theme with a hint of cherry red or lime green (or even choose a pastel hue as an accent color).

- A jewel-toned theme (think sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby red mixed with charcoal grey and black).


  • The Devil Is In The Details

They say the devil is in the details, so what better time than Halloween to prove them wrong? Adding a special point of interest or twist to every aspect of your décor is easy. Just make a list of all of the areas and items your guests will encounter throughout the party.


- Adding spooky elements to seemingly insignificant areas of your space, like the coatroom and bathroom.

- Including themed elements in/on glasses, cups, cutlery, and napkins.

- Thinking of places people might look at but not expect to see anything and add a small themed detail there (the doorknob, the DJ booth, chair legs).


  • Play with Light

Lighting is one of the most important things to consider at a Halloween party. Think about your space, and think about how that space will be used and how your guests will interact in that space. Will they be eating? If so, they will need more light than if they are just, say, dancing.


- Placing light sources at different heights around the room.

- Using different kinds of light sources. A mix of electric lights and candles works best (but make sure to place the candles where they won’t set anything on fire).

- Using a projector or light machine that projects eerie shapes and silhouettes onto walls or the floor.

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  • Don’t Overcomplicate It

Throwing a party doesn’t have to be stressful or overly complicated. After all, you want to enjoy the party too! Here are our tips for planning stress-free, gorgeous décor:

- Plan ahead, so you have time to order things that might not be available near you, or that need to be custom-made.

- Set a budget. Elegant décor doesn’t have to be expensive, so planning ahead and setting a budget can help you determine what you can purchase and what you’ll need to make/borrow/forage.

- Give yourself a day off on the day of the party. Plan to have everything done the day before so you can enjoy the party with your guests.



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