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Halloween's just around the corner. Do you have your costume ready? If you’re not sure who you want to be but you’re definitely up for something crazy, we’ve got some ideas you might want to check out!


  • #1: 4-Legged Stilt Monster


by: Mel2DaIssa

If you have a bit of DIY skill, have great balance, and willing to freak people out, then this monster is exactly what you need to be this Halloween. It's made out of stilts, upholstery foam, and fabric, topped off a this blank, expressionless white mask. While there is no such monster, it definitely reminds us of Miyazaki's animes. Better start practicing walking on stilts though. Wouldn't want your costume ruined because you fell flat on your face, right?


  • #2: Burger



If you and your friends like having a theme for your costumes, then you might consider becoming a burger. Who doesn’t love burgers, right? The best thing about this costume is, even at your drunkest, it’ll be easy to keep track of each other at the party.


  • #3: Steampunk Iron Man


By Marvel Entertainment

The coolest superhero costume ever. But you’d have to be crazy to build this and even crazier to wear it. Just think how hot that costume is going to be and how unwieldy. Possibly not something you should wear if you’re going to be slow dancing with some ladies, huh?


  • #4: Weeping Angel


This is crazy awesome. We love Dr. Who and The Weeping Angel is such a scary character. Wouldn’t want to meet her in real life. It takes a lot of energy to make this costume and even more to wear it for an entire night. But it’s going to make you epic.


  • #5: Cups

Yes, you read it right. This is an awesome way to play a life-sized game of beer pong at your next Halloween party… or any drinking party for that matter. Why wait for Halloween?


  • #6: Rollercoaster


Source: Imgur

Who’d have thought that you could actually dress up as a carnival ride? The peg leg is a nice touch but it’s the expressions on their faces that sold this costume to us.


  • #7: Dirty Laundry


Source: Inhabitat

While these costumes would look cute on kids, they’d look even better on you. Who says you can’t make adulting work for you? Airing your dirty laundry will ensure that you’ll be the talk of the party.


  • #8: Baywatch


Were you a kid during the 90’s? Or did you get to know this one-of-a-kind-show because of the movie that just recently came out starring Zac Efron and The Rock? Either way, you’ve got to have guts (and lack an actual gut) in order to wear this costume at your Halloween party.


  • #9: 7 Deadly Sins

Source: Imgur

This is a good theme you can get behind on if you’ve got seven people dressing up with you. The only problem is, which sin would you end up being?


  • #10: Rubik’s Cube

By : Fred Benenson

Want to be a man or woman of mystery? Dress up as a puzzle so few people can solve. Just don’t complain when some of them start twisting and turning you around to get all the colors to line up.


  • #11: Toy Soldier


Remember all those little green plastic soldiers you played with when you were younger? Well, you can be one of those green guys for Halloween. You just need green paint. A lot of it. And maybe a bit of practice walking with that bit of plastic stuck on your feet.


  • #12: SteampunkFaun


Source: Pinterest

Or any kind of faun for that matter. It takes a special brand of crazy to wear those hoofs for an hour or two. And it looks creepy cool. On the bright side, we don’t think anybody’s going to be stepping on your toes.


  • #13: Black and White Film



Love going old school? Find some costumes from the roaring 20’s or even farther back and with a whole lot of powder, get your grayscale on. There’s no doubt that you will look really cool. Just make sure you have enough to pay your next water bill as you’ll be using up a lot to wash all that makeup off.


  • #14: Britney Spears

We never thought we'd see the day when not one, not two, but eight people would dress up as Britney Spears. As she appears in all of her music videos, we might add. Not everyone will be able to pull this off. So kudos to you if you and your friends choose these outfits for Halloween. Just leave the umbrella at home though, k?


  • #15: Lego People

Lego has certainly become increasingly popular over the years. So it’s no wonder that people have started piecing together costumes like this one. Standing out won’t be a problem this Halloween.


  • #16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Balloon Style

Dressing up as a TMNT isn’t crazy. People have done it for years. But using balloons to make your costume? We want some of that creative crazy sauce he’s been drinking.

  • #17: Big Mouth Bass

If you’re one of those guys who can’t seem to stop talking about that huge one that got away? Well, here’s a unique way to help you segue that story into the conversation.

Scouring the internet has proven fruitful. And there are still plenty of other crazy outfits to choose from. Which one will you favor this Halloween?

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