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If you’re throwing a masquerade party, obviously you want your guests to have fun. This doesn’t just mean providing entertainment on the form of a band or show, but also making sure the guests are interacting and enjoying themselves. One way to break the ice and keep your guests occupied for part of the party is to organize some games. Here we’ve rounded up a few favorites (and given them a masked twist) for you to try at your next masquerade party.


  • Masked Murder Mystery

This is played just like regular murder mystery but with masks. Set the murder in 1300s Venice, and re-create a carnival scene where one of your guests is the “murderer” and the other guests need to guess who it is.  Enlist the help of a professional to help the party flow smoothly and provide you with an interesting, engaging script and cast of characters. This helps break the ice as guests will be forced to talk to each other, and adds an extra layer to mystery to your masked fete.


  • Masked Famous Character

Choose several characters (from fiction) that are masked. This can be anyone from Batman to Tom Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut. You need to have enough characters to match up to each guest. When your guests arrive at the party, select a character at random (without them knowing) and pin it to their back. The objective is they need to guess who they are by asking other guests (who can see the character they’ve been assigned) questions to help them identify…themselves! The first person (or three people, depending on how big your party is) gets a prize.


  • Embarrassing (Fake) Secrets

At the start of the party, assign each guest an embarrassing secret. These secrets can be totally outlandish, for example a cat hoarder who has over 100 cats —anything goes really, just be as creative as you can. Each person’s task is to keep their secret hidden from others while at the same time trying to find out other guests’ secrets. As you assign secrets, also hand out sheets of all the secrets in the room, and the person who guesses who each (or 5, or 10) secret belongs to wins a prize. This is a great icebreaker and get-to-know-you game because in order to win you need to talk to multiple people and ask them personal questions, which may or may not be relevant to their made-up secret.  It being a masquerade party makes it even more interesting because your guests may not even know who they are talking to.


  • Masquerade Treasure Hunt

This is a great way to turn an ordinary party into a masquerade party for adults. Once all of your guests have arrived, surprise them with a treasure hunt. You can make things interesting by telling them that there’s no more drinks, and that their mission is to find the treasure chest because that’s where the drinks are. Split your guests into groups, and give each group clues that they need to follow in order to reach the hidden treasure. Once they find the treasure, they’ll discover a treasure chest full of champagne (for a celebratory toast!) and masks for each guest to wear.  This game works best for smaller parties of 50 people or less.

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