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We’ve all read the love story to end all love stories, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. We’re in love with Baz Luhrmann’s cinematic version starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes. The moment that captured our hearts is when Romeo and Juliet first meet, at the Capulets’ extravagant costume party. Here we’ve picked seven masks inspired by Romeo’s knight-in-shining-armor costume and Juliet’s sweet, angelic ensemble so you can create your very own romantic encounter.


  • For the Romeos

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Dashing and totally daring (he did show up to a party he wasn’t invited to after all), Romeo dresses up as a knight in shining armor for the Capulet party, and dons a simple silver mask to hide his identity as a Montague. We love the simplicity of his costume, and that despite being masked he’s not completely hidden. We love simple, silver masks that hide just enough to be mysterious.


  • For the Juliets

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Pure, sweet Juliet isn’t expecting to fall head-over-heels in love—let alone with a Montague of all people—when she chooses her angel costume for the party that fateful night. But it fits perfectly; young, innocent Juliet in a floor-length white gown and angel wings meeting Romeo—the boy on the wrong side of the family feud, and her (quite literal) knight in shining armor. We love simple white masks with gold or silver accents to complement Juliet’s simple, carefree look.



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Aug 06, 2014

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