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Masquerade parties are a lot of fun, and the only thing that’s more fun than a masquerade party is a masquerade wedding. We love the mystery, intrigue, and romance associated with masquerade masks, and we’ve put together three of our favorite décor themes for a perfect masked wedding.


  • Red and Black

The classic combination of red and black with a hint of gold is not only elegant, but also holds an air of mystery and seduction. We love shimmery black accents and deep red blooms, as well as gold details throughout the venue. For simple décor, have your tableware be gold, your floral arrangements blood-red, and all of the fabric elements in midnight black. We especially like the idea of a playful cake topped with a sultry mask to complement the theme. 


  • Purple and Turquoise

If you’re looking for a fun and playful masquerade wedding theme, look no further. We love how vibrant purple and turquoise look when combined with subtle hints of gold. This theme is reminiscent of the colors on a peacock plume, so for décor we recommend lots of feathers and billowy elements (such as a draped ceiling) throughout the venue. To carry the theme through even further, we recommend gifting masks in the wedding colors to every guest who attends.


  • Pink and Gold

Possibly the most romantic of masquerade wedding themes, dusty pink and gold are a color-match made in heaven. Soft and delicate, we love how blush shades of pink play off the metallic shimmer of golden accents.  For this wedding theme, we recommend lots of soft lighting in the form of candles and fairy lights, and delicate floral arrangements in shades of white and pink—we love peonies, roses, and hydrangeas in particular. To keep the décor as subtle as the hues, we recommend using a single, beautiful mask as your centerpiece, along with delicate confetti and feathers to match.

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