All our masks are handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping. All our masks are 100% handmade in Italy. Fast & free USA shipping.

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a sultry seductress, we’ve picked out 15 of our favorite masks for Valentine’s Day. We’ve got you covered for the most romantic day of the year—we have everything from darling to daring masks to fit your style—and plans—for an unforgettable night.

  • Red Hot

L-R: Colombina Can Can Gold Bordeaux, Colombina Deco Rose Red Satin,  Colombina Piume Velluto Black/Bordeaux

If your Valentine’s Day style is more sultry than sweet, then this selection of red masks is perfect for you. Go for bold read feathers for a fun and flirty look, or opt for a more streamlined mask with decadent accents for a simpler, but still fun look. View all red masquerade masks.


  • Gold & Bold

L-R: Colombina Macram Gold, Colombina Gold Ventaglio 6, Cignetta Madam Gold

Live a fairytale for one night with these luxe gold masks fit for a princess. Whether you’ve already found your Prince Charming or you’re waiting for him to appear, these beautifully crafted masks are sure to get you plenty of admiring glances. View all gold masquerade masks.


  • Think Pink

L-R: Colombina Stella Silver Pink, Colombina Cloud Pink,  Colombina Occhi Pink

Sugar and spice and all things nice is what these pretty pink masks are made of (sort of!). Rose-tinted and featuring shimmery gold and silver accents, as well as delicate trim and billowy feathers, these are the perfect pieces to add a touch of femininity to your outfit for a fun and flirty Valentine’s date. View all pink masquerade masks.


  • Sexy Silver

L-R: Colombina Stucchi Silver, Colombina Can Can Silver White, Volto Barocco Silver

Like playing hard-to-get? Keep things cool this Valentine’s Day with these stunning silver masks. Perfect for complementing a sexy little dress, these unique masks will have you looking glamorous and graceful for the duration of your date, no matter how long that turns out to be. View all silver masquerade masks.


  • Erotic & Exotic

L-R: Blind M, Colombina Pois Red, Burano Leather Black

Truth or dare? No matter which you choose, we’re sure it’ll be a tantalizing evening if these masks are involved. If you’re into a little bit of leather and a whole lot of sensation, you won’t be disappointed. View all erotic masquerade masks.

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