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Cabaret dancers are the quintessential sex-kittens of show business. Scantily-clad in skin-tight corsets, feathered headpieces, and floaty, shimmery accessories, they’re an easy fantasy to bring to life.

Why not add a little bit of fun and flirtation to your next encounter with an outfit inspired by ones of these stage belles? We’ve got a few ideas that’ll have you ready for a sizzling performance.

Pick an Outfit.

This is an opportunity to go crazy with color. Pick a bright color offset with black (we like pink, but choose a color you—or your special someone—are into). All of the elements of your outfit should match that color—the headpiece (if you’re using one), the corset, and shoes. This will ensure your ensemble has a cohesive look. If you’re unsure about what color to use, stick with simple black and add an unexpected accessory in a bright color— something like a feather fan or a mask.

The main elements you’ll need for this outfit are: a corset, a feathered headpiece (not necessary but definitely a plus), thigh-high fishnet stockings, and sky-high heels. You’ll need plenty of accessories too: a feather boa, feather fans, a top hat, and even a mask. All of these will make great props for your role play.

Order a Mask.

This adds a whole other dimension to role-play. It gives you a little bit of anonymity, and behind the mask you’re free to be whoever you want to be and let your inhibitions—and imagination—run wild. Our picks for this are (clockwise from top): Colombina Can Can Silver Pink, Colombina Pois Pink, Colombina Cascade Pink, Colombina Pink Rose Cloud.

Create a Mood.

You’ll want to create a little bit of atmosphere before you play dress-up. Here’s how.

  • Stage: Set us a small “stage” where you can perform for your very special audience. This can be anything at all: a table, a raised platform, or even just a cleared area with a chair.
  • Lights: Dim all your lights, except for a few low ones. Keep as much as possible I the dark except for the area where you’ll be standing. Bistro lights and fairy lights strung around areas of the room create great ambience.
  • Props: Have lots of props that you and your special someone can use. Feathers of all kinds fit this theme perfectly, and are great for arousing tactile sensations.
  • Smell and Sound: Have a classic French record on a loop, and spray yourself—and the room you’re in—in a soft, floral scent.


Most of all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy yourself!

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