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Guide: Wearing Fascinators to Weddings

What started part of normal dress attire for weddings in the United Kingdom has now become an international trend. Ever since Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, fascinators have become a sought-after, trendy accessory worldwide. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to wearing a fascinator to a wedding...

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Our Favourite Fascinators to Wear to the Races

 The races—whether it’s the Kentucky Derby or the Melbourne World Cup—are a great occasion to wear a fun fascinator. In fact, while often not required, wearing a hat or fascinator is encouraged, and is a practice steeped in history and tradition.

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Guide: How to Wear Hair Fascinators

If you’ve watched a royal wedding or been to the races, then you probably already know what a fascinator is. It’s a decorative headpiece that’s lightweight, and fashioned in different designs and styles...

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